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The top digital marketers of tomorrow have to be well-versed in user research, highly proficient in customer acquisition, adept in SEO and PPC, skilled at branding, and experts at web analytics. This is what we focus on at Infinitus, to give you both theoretical and practical based learning to master the craft of digital marketing.

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  •  Entrepreneurs, managers, and professionals looking to develop their internet marketing skills.
  •  Campaign managers
  •  Students who wish to improve their job market competitiveness
  • Students interested in learning how to develop a website
  • Beginner programmers
  • Beginner web developers

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Advanced Digital Marketing Certification
Course Syllabus 2022

Infinitus Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Kerala has a comprehensive syllabus that will impart the right Digital Marketing skills. This digital marketing training will take you through the best practises and concepts, from marketing and content strategies to SEO and Analytics.

  •  Web development environment
  • Workflow for web design and development
  • Web-based applications
  • What is HTML
  • HTML Evolution
  • The Structure of an HTML Element
  • Structure of an HTML Document
  • Creating the Basic HTML Document Structure- Part 1
  • Build the foundation for an HTML document – Part 2
  • HTML Structure: Creating a Basic HTML Document- – Part 3
  • HTML Tags and Attributes
  • Marking Up Text
  • Creating Links
  • Integrating Code Comments
  • What is source code
  • Forms and Lists in HTML
  • CSS Basics
  • CSS attributes and Methods
  • Floats and Layouts in CSS
  • Inheritance of CSS
  • Tags used in HTML5
  • Form handling and validations
  • Data Storage
  • A web-based SQL database with an index
  • Input Types for HTML5
  • HTML Form Attributes
  • Embedding audio and video
  • Geolocation API
  • Canvas API
  • CSS3 properties
  • CSS3 Animations
  • CSS3 Layouts
  • Rounded and Elliptical Borders
  • Box Shades
  • Multiple background images
  • Bootstrap implementations. Bootstrap cdn
  • Bootstrap plugin for brackets.
  • Layout creation using bootstrap class
  • Class used for image and text.
  • Bootstrap carousel slider. Classes used for creating responsive slider.
  • Responsive navbar creation using bootstrap.
  • Footer creation using bootstrap
  • Create a responsive table with table.
  • Create a responsive form using Bootstrap
  • Modal and its applications. Create a modal window.
  • How to use Bootstrap to create badges
  • Using bootstrap, create a progress bar.
  • Hosting a website. How to host a website.

Student Review

“I opted to do a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) course from Infinitus. All my classes were well organised. My teacher was very experienced, and he used to explain the subject in-depth with good examples. Even after finishing the course and starting my job, he was happy to answer any doubts I had. Thanks to Infinitus for very good training and being supportive even after completing the course.”

Aiswarya T R


“I was eager to learn something new as soon as I finished my degree. I saw that digital marketing has many job opportunities, so I thought, why not? I was fortunate enough to find a trustworthy institute like Infinitus, where I successfully completed my digital marketing course. Every session I attended was both educational and entertaining. The course is very detailed and covers in-depth topics with practical learning. I’d like to express my gratitude to the trainers for teaching the Digital Marketing course in a fun and easy way.”

Arif Khan

Google PPC Expert

“I was planning to do a digital marketing course, but I was so confused with different options. Then, on a friend’s recommendation, I joined Infinitus. I’m sure that it was the best decision I ever made, and I had a fantastic time there. As a newcomer to the digital marketing field, my trainers at Infinitus gave me the best training, and I could grasp the topics and concepts fast. I recommend Infinitus to all freshers who are serious about learning digital marketing.”

Evan Tom

Digital Marketing Executive

“I was looking for a digital marketing course because I wanted to pursue a profession in digital marketing. Infinitus provided me with an excellent learning opportunity. The fact that they explained each topic in great detail with live examples and practical training was my favourite part of the course. The trainers are fantastic; they have a thorough understanding of the subject and are both kind and helpful. They were ready to clear even my silliest doubts. Thank you so much to the faculty for making my career!”

Krishnakumar N

Digital Marketing Outreach Specialist

“After lots of research for the best digital marketing course in Kochi, I finally landed at Infinitus. I was convinced after the 1st demo class because of their detailed & practical way of coaching. All classes were taught by working professionals who gave us hands-on experience with live projects. I highly recommend everyone to join Infinitus if you want to start a career in Digital Marketing, and they will help you improve your interpersonal skills too. “

Manuel Thomas

Digital Marketing

“I like Infinitus’s training because they have a personalised approach towards each student. They have multiple career counselling sessions where they took the time to get to know and understand me, my objectives, and my goals for the future in digital marketing, and they gave me helpful advice on how to do it better. Infinitus, in my opinion, offers the best digital marketing courses in Kerala, from teaching us a thorough syllabus and insights into the course modules to excellent personal support.”

Nehna James

Social Media and Digital Marketing Executive

“From my experience, I can definitely say that Infinitus is one of Kerala’s leading providers of digital marketing courses. They have excellent faculty, and they are all quite supportive and helpful. They are very well prepared for the classes and clear all our doubts during the sessions itself. Infinitus’s main advantage is that they focus on practical training rather than theory. I would recommend this institute to anyone who is serious about learning digital marketing and is passionate about it.”

Parvana Nair

SEO Analyst

“I used to be a housewife with no real career prospects. I was hoping to find work that would allow me to make money and be at home at the same time. One of my relatives had enrolled in Infinitus, and I got to know about digital marketing from her. Seeing how she got a job after the course, I joined an advanced digital marketing course at Infinitus. After successfully completing my course there, I was able to obtain work and begin working during my desired hours. Now I’m incredibly happy and proud of myself. Thank you for your help, Infinitus.”

Remya R

Digital Marketing Specialist

“I have completed a WordPress training course from Infinitus. I want to thank the HR team at Infinitus for their career guidance sessions and placement assistance. The interview training prepared me very well and improved my confidence a lot. I got an excellent. teacher who helped me understand advanced classes very well during my WordPress training. Thank you Infinitus.”

Theresa Tom


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