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8 Digital Marketing Certification Programs

Dec 6, 2022

Important 8 Digital Marketing Certification Programs you want to know


  1. Digital Garage: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certification

  2. Google Analytics IQ Certification

  3. Google Ads Certification

  4. Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification

  5. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

  6. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

  7. YouTube Certification

  8. Facebook BluePrint Certification

Learning is a lifelong process. It is critical to continuously learn new skills in order to stay current with the latest trends and technologies. The same can be said regarding learning digital marketing. Today, there are numerous digital marketing courses and certifications available. Many of these courses and certifications are accessible for free. So, as a digital marketer, you can make use of these certifications for your own business or can use them to achieve great career opportunities. Digital marketing certificates can help you stand out from the crowd, and they can provide you with an advantage when it comes to recruiters seeking people with your skills. Hiring managers for digital firms and companies are now searching for individuals who are up to date on the newest digital marketing trends, methods, and news. If you put the effort towards obtaining digital marketing certification, you will be up to date on the trends and techniques used by the leading agencies. Join Infinitus, the Top Digital Marketing Training Institute in Kochi, Kerala, for starting your digital marketing journey. We provide assistance for finding and completing the major Digital Marketing certifications.

Before we get on to the specifics of different certifications, it’s essential to understand why learning digital marketing is so important nowadays. The significant preeminence of digital marketing is due to the growth of smartphones and the increase in internet users. The Internet proves to be the ideal option for anyone browsing for a cooking tutorial or a student looking for a job. Digital marketing has been one of the most in-demand career paths due to the fastest-growing internet and mobile influence. Digital marketing is a rapidly changing and interesting profession filled with bright individuals who wish to stay ahead of the pack. As a result, the value of comprehending digital marketing has skyrocketed. To learn more about digital marketing and top certifications, join our institute, the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Kochi.

Best Digital Marketing Institute in Kochi

It’s nearly impossible to locate the best marketing course that works for you, with thousands of courses and certificates all claiming the same benefits. Here are some of the top marketing certification programs to study if you need to boost your digital marketing credibility and reputation.

Top 8 Digital Marketing Certification Programs you want to know

1. Digital Garage: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certification

In the digital era, there are a plethora of alternatives. However, whether it comes to continuing your career or expanding your business, courses are the best efficient approach to expanding your knowledge and expertise. The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certification is one of the best digital marketing certifications. After successfully completing the criteria of the Fundaments of Digital Marketing Course, Google issues a certificate called the Google Digital Marketing Certification. The Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University have both accredited the certificate.

Google Digital Garage is a Google-owned learning platform. It’s a collection of free courses provided by Google’s expert trainers as well as other learning platforms. Google’s digital marketing course is provided through the Google Digital Garage library. Google’s Digital Garage provides free tutorials on nearly every digital marketing subject imaginable. If you like to go into digital marketing, this is a wonderful course to grab. This is the only Google Digital Garage digital marketing course that grants a certificate, with 26 units.

The Google digital marketing course is completely free and easy to enroll in. When you click the Register button, you have the choice of logging in with your Google account or registering with a different email address. Beginners who desire to understand the fundamental key principles of digital marketing, as well as marketers who wish to refresh key skills, will like the engaging structure and layout of the courses.

2. Google Analytics IQ Certification

One of the main tools available to marketers to track the rise of website traffic is Google Analytics. It is simple to use for beginners, yet it is strong for advanced users. It teaches you how to assess campaign data and track KPIs so you can enhance and scale your marketing efforts. You must pass the Google Analytics exam to become a Google Analytics certified professional. For individuals who pass the final evaluation of 70 questions, the Google Analytics Individual Qualification certificate shows potential employers that they own a working understanding of Google Analytics.

To prepare for the individual qualification exam, create a Google Analytics Academy account and first complete the Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics courses. Post completing those two courses, you can review the study materials and attend the individual qualification exam. The Google Analytics IQ Certification is a free course that takes around 4-5 hours to finish.

Digital advertising has become extremely potent in recent years. It entails far more than simply posting a banner ad on a website. For businesses trying to increase their return on investment, advertising on Google produces immediate results. In the digital realm, Google Ads is a significant tool for advertising. Your marketing strategy can be made or broken by a successful Google Ads campaign.

Online Advertising

The Google Ads certification is a professional credential for those who can demonstrate Google Ads competence. The certificate has a one-year expiration date. You will be tested on your fundamental and advanced understanding of Google Ads in order to pass the program. Your certification is complete once you pass the Google Ads Fundamentals test plus one of the additional advertising product exams. You must get an average of at least 80% to pass.

The Academy for Ads offers a variety of tests, including Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, and Shopping Advertising. It’s yet another Google-provided free course.

4. Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification

Hootsuite is a well-known social media management service. It offers a wide range of social media marketing training, from beginner classes to advanced courses. Hootsuite offers social media training classes through their Hootsuite Academy, which are a terrific way to position yourself as a top contender for your dream job while still excelling at your present one. Employers will see that you possess the requisite ability and are prepared to learn if you complete a social media certification program.

There are 15 lessons and tests in the course. It assesses your expertise in social media marketing topics. Your certification will never expire if you pass the 60-question exam. A badge will also be given to you. Hootsuite provides a variety of social media certifications at varying prices.

5. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

In today’s digital world, content is king, specifically high-quality, relevant material, and content marketing is a vital pillar of an efficient digital marketing plan. Obtaining HubSpot content marketing certification is beneficial to both your career and your company. Recruiters are looking for applicants with writing and communication skills, so all marketers must get these qualities. To adopt and execute your content marketing strategy, you should know how to create scalable and repeatable procedures. HubSpot’s content marketing certification will help you grow your digital marketing career, whether you’re new to content marketing or a seasoned veteran.

The HubSpot Content Marketing Certification is a 14-lesson, eight-hour course. It covers narrative, content ideation, content development framework, content reuse, and content promotion, among other parts of the content marketing strategy. The best part is that it’s a completely free course.

6. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

This is yet another Hubspot academy certification that will help you improve your digital marketing skills. The HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification course will help you better grasp best practices in inbound marketing. You’ll learn inbound marketing tactics in this certification course. Instead of simply pushing a brand, product, or service, inbound marketing is a strategy for attracting visitors and potential customers.

The principles of inbound marketing, establishing customer personas, and learning the buyer’s journey are all covered in the seven modules. It also includes topics such as content generation, social media promotion, lead conversion and nurturing, and so on. This is a free course that everybody interested in digital marketing should take.

Other than the two courses discussed above, Hubspot gives a lot of other certification programs also. To seek further about those certifications and to enhance your knowledge of digital marketing, join our institute, the Top Digital Marketing Training Institute in Kochi, Kerala.

7. YouTube Certification

After Google, of course, YouTube is the second-most popular search engine, and a YouTube accreditation provides instant legitimacy. Because video is the most effective and engaging kind of content, a well-defined video content strategy is essential. YouTube is a fantastic starting point.


The YouTube Certification will teach you how to start, build, and optimise your YouTube channel. You’ll also learn how to make money from your website. From the time you pass your certification, it will be valid for one and a half years.

Only certified YouTube and Google Advertising partners are eligible for certification. Once you’ve passed the eligibility conditions and been accepted into YouTube Certified, you can finish the program as a Google partner.


8. Facebook BluePrint Certification

Facebook Certification

Facebook advertising is a powerful tool for reaching out to your target demographic and raising awareness. If you know how to advertise on Facebook, it will come in handy. Facebook’s Blueprint Certification honours an extensive understanding of Facebook’s products and services. A Blueprint certification shows organisations that you can help them improve their ad campaigns by using your Facebook knowledge.

Exams in the Facebook Blueprint Certification program can cost up to $150 each. You will earn credentials as a result of completing the courses, which will help you stand out in the digital marketing profession.

We have now discussed some of the main digital marketing certifications accessible. There are many other certifications that you can achieve that can help you excel in the field of digital marketing, such as the American Marketing Association (AMA) Digital Marketing Certification, Duke University Digital Media and Marketing Certification, The Digital Marketing Institute Certified Digital Marketing Professional, and so on. Being the best Digital Marketing Institute in Kochi, Infinitus can assist you with getting extra details on the significant certifications. Start pursuing various certifications to advance your Digital Marketing skills.