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What is Google Ads Certification? - Infinitus

Aug 19, 2022

The 3 Key Aspects of Google Ads Certification That You Should Be Aware Of.


Advertising is an important part of every business. Nowadays most businesses advertise online as the majority of the people are available online. Google Ads is the best advertising platform that helps businesses market their products and services on the internet. When users search for some query Google presents the ads related to their queries on the search engine results page. Google Ads is a Pay Per Click method where businesses have to pay for each click they get for their ad. Google Ads helps to target a specific audience as well as to boost the traffic to the website. Hence most businesses are looking for Google Ads specialist to advertise their products online.

Google Ads is becoming increasingly important. This is because, once keywords are targeted, adverts begin to follow a client throughout the internet, from one website to the next, for example, from a web search page to YouTube, increasing the possibilities of conversion. Remember when you tried to search for some products on google and you see the ad of the same product following you on Youtube and other online platforms. You may have experienced this kind of situation many times. Also if an ad receives enough clicks on the internet, the cost per click for that ad likewise decreases.

As a stepping stone to your Google Ads journey, it is always recommended to complete the Google Ads certification to learn the basics of Google Ads. To get deep knowledge in Google Ads join Infinitus, we offer you the best Google Ads Certified Professional course in Kochi, Kerala.

1. What is Google Ads Certification?

With the outbreak of Covid-19, most of us have started using online platforms for learning and acquiring knowledge. Online learning has become a habit of today.

Google Ads certification is a free online certificate program provided by Google after completing which you will be awarded a certificate of Google Ads. The Google Ads certification is a valuable certificate that has evolved into a standard requirement over time. You can check out our courses to get Online Google Ads Certified Professional Training in Kerala.

What is Google Ads Certification? - Infinitus

Before getting deeper into Google Ads certification you should know about what Google Skillshop is. Google Skillshop is the hub for all Google product specialist’s e-learning courses. Skillshop has everything you need, whether you’re a fresher trying to get started with Google products or an experienced marketer looking to improve your abilities. It is important to understand that Google Ads offers a variety of certificates, each of which is geared to demonstrate your expertise in a specific field. This is a learning and certification platform for a variety of Google products, not simply Google Ads.

There was the Google Adwords Individual Certification earlier. You have to complete the Google Adwords Fundamentals test as well as one of the Advanced Adwords examinations to get certified. But now, Google Ads offers a variety of certificates, each of which is aimed to demonstrate your expertise in a specific field. Google offers six different certificates now:

  • Google Ads Search – To demonstrate your ability to optimise and build search campaigns.
  • Google Ads Display – To demonstrate experience in using Google Display and to establish efficient marketing strategies.
  • Google Ads Video– To demonstrate your ability to deliver advertising solutions for YouTube and Google Video.
  • Google Ads Apps– Knowledge on how to create Google App campaigns
  • Google Ads Shopping– Expertise in shopping ad optimization.
  • Google Ads Measurement– To use Google’s measuring tools to track and optimise ad performance.

If you are interested in taking Google Ads certification then choose the right certifications that will fulfill your career needs.  It’s a good idea to have more than one certification. Having numerous certifications will allow you to handle a variety of campaigns, giving you the expertise you need to increase your Google Ads administration and advertising effectiveness. 

2. How to get certified?

First, you have to sign up for a Google Skillshop account. Then you need to log in to the account and should take the course and complete the exams.

Google Skillshop has excellent learning content that will assist you in passing the certification. It also has materials to help you learn how to become a Google Ads expert. Unless you have already been certified or have expertise working with advertisements, it is not recommended that you skip the training content before taking the assessment.

Google Ads certifications contain a variety of topics including video, mobile, display, and e-commerce advertising. The most essential version is the search advertising exam, as this is the place on the site where marketers spend the most time. Google Ads display certification is perhaps the second most useful Google Ads test for advertisers.

Each exam has a distinct time limit, although it often ranges from 60 minutes to two hours.  Most students usually take 50-60% of the allotted time to complete the exam while some take more time. You require an 80% or greater score to pass. If you don’t pass it the first time, you’ll have to wait 24 hours before trying again. Failure to pass the test results in no loss or penalty. The Google Ads certification exam is absolutely free to take.

After passing the exam, you’ll receive a certification badge to display on your LinkedIn profile. Adding this badge to your profile improves your profile’s trustworthiness and makes it more search engine friendly. Many recruiters look for and value this accreditation, so you’ll appear more frequently in their searches.

Your Google Ads certification will be valid for one year, after which you will need to retake and pass an assessment in order to recertify. As a result, you’ll be kept up to date on current trends and changes in Google Ads.

Our team is ready to assist you to gain the Google Ads certificate and to provide you with more insights on Google Ads and PPC advertising. If you are having an interest in learning more, join the finest Google Ads Certified Professional course in Kochi, Kerala at Infinitus.

3. Why should you get Google Ads certified?

Just search “PPC agency”, or ”Google Ads specialists jobs” in Google,  you can see thousands of businesses doing Google Ads services and hence can find thousands of job opportunities in this field. The main advantage of getting Google Ad certified is that it can help you in finding a job and boosting your career. Many organisations use LinkedIn to look for candidates with this qualification to join their marketing team. The demand for Google Ads-trained marketers is enormous, but the supply of qualified applicants is limited. So achieving a Google Ads certificate can help you in many ways. Let us discuss some of the benefits of the same:

  • To get Job opportunities
To Get Job Opportunities - Infinitus

Completing the Google Ads certification might give job seekers, particularly freshers, an advantage. The certification demonstrates to the hiring team that you have some knowledge of the industry. It allows you to stand out in a crowd. Many hiring managers utilise LinkedIn’s search engine to identify anyone with a Google Ads certification because it’s one of the few defining qualifications that can demonstrate verified knowledge and skill, as previously mentioned. Also for some jobs having a certification is a must requirement.

  • Easy to complete the certification

Because it is an online certification, you can do it at your leisure. It’s also free to take the Google Ads certification exam, and passing it isn’t tough. Even if you fail you can re-attempt it. If you want to work with Google Ads but don’t have any experience or a portfolio, this is one of the simplest ways to demonstrate your commitment.

  • It’s a type of social proof and trustworthiness

The AdWords certification is similar to any other online certification in that it establishes credibility, expertise, and skill in a certain sector. It’s a type of social proof that demonstrates to potential clients that your organisation is reliable, trustworthy, and backed by a well-known brand like Google. Being recognised by a well-known company provides rapid social evidence.

  • Google Adwords Certification Will Build Your Resume

Creating a resume should be a continuous process. Even if you operate your own company, you need to have a professional CV. Resumes are used for a lot more than just applying for jobs. In the realm of entrepreneurship, an excellent resume is another method to communicate success. Investors are significantly more likely to invest if you have certificates and evidence to back up your claims of accomplishment. Another technique to express the value of your personal brand is through resumes. You can use them to highlight your professional accomplishments.

Google Adwords Certification Will Build Your Resume - Infinitus
  • Google Ads certification heps in getting free promotion

For each business or entrepreneur, becoming a Google AdWords Certified Partner provides numerous advantages. You can use the certification to increase social proof, trustworthiness, and even sales by offering a superior value proposition. However, one of the most valuable advantages is free promotion. When you become a Google Partner and are certified in AdWords, you will be listed on their verified website of partners.

You may see a list of certified companies and locate certified companies to execute your PPC and AdWords ads if you go to the Certified Partner list. Customers who are interested in your services are being directly recommended by Google. They even call attention to the specific credentials you hold. You can show up for more of these results if you hold several qualifications. People use Google’s Partner platform to find new businesses, and it’s a terrific tool.

Now as we have discussed some of the advantages of getting a Google Ads certificate, you may have an idea of how Google Ads certification is important. You may also have noticed that this certification can help freshers, already employed professionals, and even entrepreneurs. You should also be aware that earning a Google Ad certificate will not make you an expert in this field since it requires more real-world experience and practice but it can give you the basic information related to Google Ads. You can apply the ideas of Google Ads to other marketing endeavors and advance your career if you understand them.

With the internet, free guides, this blog, and online resources available, you can gain more knowledge in Google Ads. If you are not interested in self-learning then you can enroll for the leading oogle Ads Certified Professional Training in Kerala at our institute. We will guide you throughout the learning journey. All the best!